Andreas' Linux Programs

This is a new version of my editor EDI. It runs on Linux 2.x:    edi.tgz

I often want to send one or more files by e-mail, controlled by a batch. That's why I modified the base64-encoding program into my "makemime". It is a command-line tool which can be invoked by the following command line:

makemime <sender> <recipient> <topic> <filename1> [<filename2> [<filename3>...]]

It creates a base64-encoded e-mail with a simple header based on the first 3 arguments, and one or more attachments containing the files. The output is stdout, so it has to be redirected or piped, e.g.
makemime "new fax" /tmp/faxfile.tif | sendmail -t
If there is only one filename preceded by a - sign, input is read from stdin. The filename is used to give the attachment a name.
Here is the source code:makemime.c
People who attended my linux trainigs know it already: my „pub“, a directory containing useful tips and examples. Here are some of them. Please note that this is actually course material, made for very special purposes. It may be useful for you, it may be not. This material is distributed 'as is' with no warranty of any kind. The author is not to be held responsible for any use or abuse of this product or the result thereof. Use it at your own risk.

– a small sample script how to archive my own user data on CD-RW
– a collection of sample shell scripts
– some scripts to burn CDs and DVDs
– how to fill a cyrus imap server's database
– a very simple way to build a dynamic DHCP / DNS server pair
– how to burn DVD-RWs
– some useful firewall scripts
– a systemV init script to encrypt a data partition using a loopback device
– how to send and get mail using only a telnet client
– a sample OpenVPN configuration using a static key
– how to change the root password without knowing it (in German)
– a simple password encryption program an it's use
– how to set up a project group and it's directory
– some sample scripts how to set up ppp servers and clients
– three sample scripts how to install software remotely using ssh and scp
– very short description and sample scripts how to set up an LDAP-based Samba-PDC
– some simplified scripts how to control external network service access using the tcp wrapper
– how to set up a terminal server